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Day one after surgery

March 6th, 2014

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Scale 1-10

Nikos stress level:  10
Pain level: 4
Movement: Moves in small bursts, can sort of walk but has trouble with balance
Mood: Stressed, confused
Touching: Will let me pet her head and upper half of spine
Eating/drinking: Has no intrest, have been offering food and water every once in a while
Bathroom: Has not gone to the bathroom yet

Both of us are very stressed. Nikos surgery went fine they sent her home same day with pills and gave her an injection for pain before she was sent home. I feel like the worst person ever. I tried sitting her (while still in her kennel) on the bed and opened the door for her and she came out. She stumbled around for a while before deciding to get onto the floor. She stumbled around some more then laid down and has been laying there (sleeping now) since. I decided to leave her cone on because she had an EXTREMELY angry reaction to even just being picked up in the kennel so I think (at lest for now) it would be better to leave the cone on and let her be. She’s been pretty much stumbling around right now meowing a lot and very stressed and I feel so helpless to just make it all better now so she just has to learn to walk and doesn’t have to go though this long healing process. So far she seems to better if I leave the computer on playing a gaming channel that I watch a lot on youtube.

I think she’s still trying to use her leg that got removed because I see it twitching a lot. I’m really scared that her stitches will come out but when my dog had to wear the cone because she was fixed she did pretty good.

I really thought I would be ready for this moment but I didn’t expect this feeling of helplessness that has settled in. I read and re read beginning blogs and thought I was extremely prepared for this moment of home coming but to be honest I feel like I did nothing to prepare for this. It’s very scary.

Niko last night before surgery. Leg closest to camera is the one being taken off. After surgery.


ANY advice is welcome. Right now she is asleep again. She wakes up and goes back to sleep randomly. I will be sleeping on the floor with her tonight, she does better if I’m right here next to her, if I move away she seems more scared and confused.

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5 Responses to “Day one after surgery”

  1. Angela on March 6, 2014 2:52 am

    Oh Rachel… we have ALL been where you are right now.. scared, worried, stressed. Trust me. These first few days/weeks are the worst. When we brought Cody home he looked so uncomfortable and I just wanted to make it all go away. He did not eat his first day home and also didn’t poop (he did pee though). And he slept literally for the first three days straight I think. Our policy was let him sleep as much as he can. We also slept with him on the floor (we are still doing that until his sutchers come out). Right now just let her rest and keep offering food/water. Try giving her some wet food as well, that may stimulate her appetite (at least it did for Cody). And this is easier said than done… but try to be calm for her. When I would stress… Cody would stress and I could feel him not relaxing and my husband had to keep telling me it would be okay. He tossed and turned at night and I worried constantly. It sounds like you have a plan (keep her in the cone and sleep with her). Just take it one day at a time and if you need anything let us know! We have really all been there.

    Cody and Family

  2. rica55 on March 6, 2014 2:54 am

    Well welcome home Niko!
    OK first of all remember she JUST had major surgery! Jill spent three nights in the hospital, so I cant offer too much advice about the first night, but I did visit her in the hospital the first night and I can tell you when she did try to stand she was stumbling all around and was so high she had no idea what was going on.
    My best advice is just follow Niko’s lead. Jill also felt most comfortable, once she got home, when I was sitting right next to her. Try not to overwhelm her too much just follow what she is comfortable with. It’s VERY normal for them to not go to the bathroom right away. The drugs mess with their systems a lot.
    For the first week really I just let Jill do whatever she felt most comfortable with. If she wanted to be left alone, I left her alone. If she seemed to look at me like she wanted to be picked up and put on the couch, thats what I did.
    It will get better and better each day. I promise!
    Keep us posted and please let me know if you have any questions!
    Erica & Jill

  3. benny55 on March 6, 2014 3:00 am

    You can be “somewhat” prepared with the logical part of your brain. Emotinally and on a heart level, no way can you prepare for seeing your Niko in pain, co nfused and scared. It is so hard to watch! It does get better! It does.

    With dogs, most spend one night at the vet’s…not sure about cats. You are seeng a lot of confusing due to hospital drugs right now too.

    Jill kitty, our resident tripawd expert, hid from her momma at first. I hopeshe chimes in because she can give you a lot of i sight.

    Jill also had a pain med that started with a “B”…does Niko jave tthat?

    I can tell you that ot eating or drinking or pooping or peeing are all “normal” due to the trauma of the surgery and the meds. The fact that she’s sleeping at all is good!

    Remember, yo are doing this FOR Niko…not TO Niko!! She is not relating you to this at all. She is jist very drugged right now. You’ll see a difference…but it will be in a few days as opposed to the next hours or so!

    KNOW this is scarey. We are here with you, okay? Everything yo are describing is wel, within the “nlrm” of what ro expect this soon after surgery.

    Stay occupied with yor games n the computer, eat so e chocolate and TRY and get some rest! You’re doing GREAT! Oh, the incision looks realy good too!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. jerry on March 6, 2014 3:39 am

    Aww. Well let’s start by celebrating that she made it through surgery, is home and on the road to recovery. That is PAWESOME!!!

    Remember, most animals want to be left alone when they’re feeling crappy. Her behavior is very normal, so don’t take it personally and remember that she doesn’t blame you or isn’t mad about the surgery, she just wants to chill and feel better. By being a strong leader, you can help her do just that.

    Have you seen Fang’s blog? Check it out, you’ll definitely find it helpful:

  5. rawoods on March 6, 2014 3:56 am

    Thank you everyone for your support, it make me feel better to know she’s not acting strange!

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