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Night before surgery :(

March 5th, 2014

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Just took Nikos food and water away after trying to feed her some of it before 10 pm. It’s moments like these I wish we had some sort of communication because I know she’s going to have a fit about this in an hour or so. I came home from work to find her once again at the very top of her tree but I think she got up their because she could hear the dog making her usual racket while coming inside. As a bit of a side note she usually didn’t come hide in my room when the dog came in but she has lately and I think it’s because her foot is getting worse so I feel a little better that I’m doing the right thing. Her foot also looks REALLY swollen so whatever is going on in there is getting worse.

Right now, much to my cat’s delight, I’m trying to change the bed covers and do some last minute spot cleaning. I really do mean delight because she likes to attack the covers as they settle and she always is around to supervise that I clean the right way! I accidentally left her kennel out a while ago and I was worried that it would make her nervous considering the only time we have it out is times she’s going to the vet but she surprised me by going in and relaxing and even napping a little in it? I don’t know, I think she’s just trying to confuse my under standing of the feline mind on purpose.

I want to say thank you to everyone for you comments, I promise I am reading them it’s just hard to respond right now between work, the up coming surgery, and being a part time student. I’ll try and get better about commenting but I promise I am reading them and REALLY want to say thank you very much for the support and advice that you all are giving me.

As a happy ending to this post here is a picture I just took of Niko and her micy mice ­čÖé


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The beginning

March 1st, 2014

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

To start off my name is Rachel and I’m 22 years old. I currently have a dog, cat, two birds, two leopard geckos, two mice, and some fish. In this blog I will be sharing my adoring feline friend, Niko, with you all. Please forgive any grammar or spelling errors, they’re not my strong suit.

To start I’d like to tell you a little bit about Niko. She is a 9 year old calico cat (she was a shelter kitten), she is about 14 pounds, and ┬áloves to be in every ones way. She gets along well with my Malamute/husky Jasmine (they do have their moments because Jasmine is 10 months old and still learning Niko is a cuddlier not a rough houser). Luckily my last Dog, Dawn, was a very calm and collected dog and was a perfect introduction to dogs for Niko because Dawn (who has since passed away) had already passed her crazy teens when we had gotten Niko. Niko loves to sit on her tree and listen to the parakeets, and she of course has claimed the mice as her own personal Discovery channel show. She is my third cat I’ve owned and to me the closest one because my other cats really preferred my parents rather than me and my crazy adventures at that younger age. (the other two passed away before I got Niko). She loves to chase my feet under the covers and loves to play cops and robbers with the pesky little red dot. She loves my mom because she gets to ‘help’ her grade her papers, she loves my Dad because he’s always spoiling her, and she LOOOOVES me because I’m an Xbox gamer and therefore am her personal throne 90% of the time. Usually if I’m home and on Xbox you can find her cuddling with me in the chair getting lovens between/during games. I like to think I’m her favorite because of those moments. To be honest I’m not really sure how to start into all this so here goes:

About three weeks ago my family and I noticed that Niko was walking with a strange little limp on her side. Upon further inspection it looked like she had cut her paw (the soft skin part and not the furry part) and that maybe it just needed some first aid and it would all be ok. I’ve had many different kinds of pets in my young adult life time so I wasn’t a stranger to the occasional scratch or odd wound on my animals and knew how to treat it accordingly. After a week of treating it it did not seem to get better and so I made a vet appointment.

Of course this visit wasn’t without its hissing and being angry that mom would even dare to remove her from her domain and into this strange smelling place. At first the Vet thought it was an infection but decided to do some testing just in case. When the results came back it was discovered that she had a large tumor in her upper thigh and that a tumor had also set itself into her paw and was the reason for it looking infected and her leg would have to be removed.

I want to take a moment and express how scary this really is for me as a pet owner. I didn’t know what to do or if I should even go though with the surgery or put her down because she is in serious pain when she walks. At first I put off researching because I was scared at what I would find. I didn’t want to put her down but I was scared I would be putting her though trauma for the selfish reason of not being able to let her go. What if we go though with it and she ends up wasting away from depression? What if she ends up hating me? The defining moment in all this was when a friend of mine told me of this site and all it’s stories. I cannot express to you how much release this all was to me when I found every ones stories of their pets and their path and to know Niko and I weren’t alone on this hard journey.

Niko has a set surgery date of Wednesday March 5th (next week) and I want to thank everyone that has every person that has shared their stories on this site. I cannot express enough how much it helped to read everything and know we’re not the only ones out there. I have everything ready for her. I have onesies to put on her so she won’t have to go though the stress of a cone, I have those pill capsule treats ready for her (I’ve given her a few before hand so she won’t think it’s totally usual), I’ve done a ‘deep clean scrub’ of my room, I’ve already moved her new lower litter box and food into my room so it isn’t a strange adjustment for her, and she (of course) has her micey mice next to my bed for easy viewing pleasure. Once again I thank you all for your stoires and I hope that if someone else does have to go though this they find this story hopeful also.

-Niko and Rachel

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