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Day 3 and 4 after surgery!

March 9th, 2014

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Sorry it’s taken me a while to write! Between school and work I was pooped when I got home!

Niko had some amazing milestones yesterday! She let me hand feed her an entire handful of food and she learned how to drink water with the silly cone on her head! Also she hasn’t yet taken nor needed her pain medicine at all. I’m not sure if it was the same for anyone else but she really hasn’t needed it. Really the only thing that bugs her is the cone but that will come off in a week or so. I got her to wear a onsie at one point but she somehow got it off, I’ll have to get her a new one.

Well that’s all their is to really report today! Thank you everyone for your support!

-Niko and Rachel

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After surgery Day 2 (and a little about last night!)

March 7th, 2014

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Scale 1-10
Nikos stress level:  3
Pain level: 2
Movement: HAS FIGURED OUT HOW TO WALK!!!! It’s the standing part that she is having problems with for now!
Mood: Calm most of the time does have a little stress every once in a while when trying to stand
Touching: Let’s me pet her entire body and even lets me pet close to her wound ( I was looking away when that happened)
Eating/drinking: Has shown a little interest in food (hasn’t eaten yet) but none in water
Bathroom: Peed this morning, hasn’t really gone since

Niko is doing much better today than she was yesterday. I thought about going back and editing my last post to sound less scared but decided to let it be. Now for anyone reading this as a source of what to expect let me just say theirs nothing that can really prepare you for that first hour or two when you bring your pet back home from this surgery. It’s scary to watch them walk around while on that pain medication and (in my case) meow in confusion and soreness but I promise they do calm down and as those heavy drugs wear off they do calm down and become more of their normal self. It IS very stressful for yourself but I will give you the same wonderful advice given to me, KEEP CALM. Just remember the sickness has been removed and now all that’s left is to heal! They’re going to be OK.
For Niko I discovered their wasn’t really a ‘hide’ place besides her kennel (and she sure as heck wasn’t about to go back in there). To fix this I got a large box, cut off the opening flaps, put a blanket that had our families scent on it, and then put a heating pad on low under the blanket. This worked WONDERFULLY once she discovered it and she in fact slept quite well in it all night. The heating pad I used was a regular one but that doesn’t mean I’m saying go out and buy one at Walmart or for sure that you can use your own. Only use a regular heating pad if you KNOW that the lowest setting is a SAFE heat source. If you don’t have one or you feel like it’s to hot even with the blanket as a buffer, I recommend getting one at a pet store that’s made for pets!

SO Niko on Day 2 has been wonderful! The only problem she’s had today is with her cone and the fact that she discovered she has to stay in my room for now. I might try the onsie on tomorrow, I would like her wound to be untouched by anything for a few more days though. She has slept all day ON THE BED! That was a great surprise! She couldn’t jump up onto the bed so I did help her up but that’s because I didn’t want her to stress her wound to much right now.  The stitches still look healthy and wonderfully done! No swelling! They did lazier surgery and then a special lazier at the end on the wound and around it to make sure their wasn’t to much swelling and such. All in all it cost about 680 with my student discount. Without the discount it would have been around 880. I’ll try and post a copy of the bill at a later date. The only thing I wish I had have them do differently would be giving me a liquid pain killer since she hasn’t been interested in eating or drinking yet. Other than that she has been wonderful!

As always here is a picture of Niko in her (half) fuzzy cuteness!

Asleep on the bed :)

Asleep on the bed 🙂


Day one after surgery

March 6th, 2014

Scale 1-10

Nikos stress level:  10
Pain level: 4
Movement: Moves in small bursts, can sort of walk but has trouble with balance
Mood: Stressed, confused
Touching: Will let me pet her head and upper half of spine
Eating/drinking: Has no intrest, have been offering food and water every once in a while
Bathroom: Has not gone to the bathroom yet

Both of us are very stressed. Nikos surgery went fine they sent her home same day with pills and gave her an injection for pain before she was sent home. I feel like the worst person ever. I tried sitting her (while still in her kennel) on the bed and opened the door for her and she came out. She stumbled around for a while before deciding to get onto the floor. She stumbled around some more then laid down and has been laying there (sleeping now) since. I decided to leave her cone on because she had an EXTREMELY angry reaction to even just being picked up in the kennel so I think (at lest for now) it would be better to leave the cone on and let her be. She’s been pretty much stumbling around right now meowing a lot and very stressed and I feel so helpless to just make it all better now so she just has to learn to walk and doesn’t have to go though this long healing process. So far she seems to better if I leave the computer on playing a gaming channel that I watch a lot on youtube.

I think she’s still trying to use her leg that got removed because I see it twitching a lot. I’m really scared that her stitches will come out but when my dog had to wear the cone because she was fixed she did pretty good.

I really thought I would be ready for this moment but I didn’t expect this feeling of helplessness that has settled in. I read and re read beginning blogs and thought I was extremely prepared for this moment of home coming but to be honest I feel like I did nothing to prepare for this. It’s very scary.

Niko last night before surgery. Leg closest to camera is the one being taken off. After surgery.


ANY advice is welcome. Right now she is asleep again. She wakes up and goes back to sleep randomly. I will be sleeping on the floor with her tonight, she does better if I’m right here next to her, if I move away she seems more scared and confused.

5 days until surgery :(

March 2nd, 2014

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! For all your support! I want to quickly say PLEASE feel free to add any advice in the form of comments or other wise EVEN if you think I may already know it! I would rather re-read helpful advice than never hear or even think of it!

Niko is doing alright, her paw bleeds every once in a while which is a little scary but she seriously doesn’t seem to notice! She’s eating normally, acting like she always does, does NOT seem to be in any pain. I want to compare it to when people have an annoying sore leg, like it hurts and you can’t walk on it because that doesn’t feel good but it’s more like an annoying hurt than a truly painful hurt? I really hope that made more sense than it seems. Any who she’s doing good. She does poop on the rug in the dining room every once in a while but she always seems to alert us as soon as she does it. As if she’s saying I’m sorry I don’t want you to be mad at me but it was just to hard to go to the liter box this time! We never scold her for this.

Back to her leg, I have a hope that the transition won’t be that hard because for the past two weeks she seems to have stopped using it and as adapted to life without it’s use. She does of course limp when she walks but I’ve noticed she’s developed a little hop when she’s walking. I did mention this to the vet and they said since she is acting normal and (after I looked at her foot and described it to them) it seems like it’s nothing that needs to be seriously addressed ( as in the amputation date needing to be moved up). Oddly enough when I got home from work I found her at the top of her current tree looking very pleased with herself!

I’m trying to designing a new cat tree for her that will have the same height she has on her first one (it’s maybe 4 feet off the ground?)  but without the crazy vertical leaps that her current one has. Of course she won’t be able to use it for a long time but I know it’ll make her feel great once I deem she can once again leap buildings in a single bound!

Well that’s really all to touch on for today! I’ll try and take some newer pictures of Niko and her micy mice but for now here she is in all her catty cuteness!

Niko on my friends Army backpack, claiming it as her own!

Niko on my friends Army backpack, claiming it as her own!

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